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Make a Mudroom With Separate Flooring

Mudroom flooring

Does your home have a mudroom? Some people consider this a necessity, but not every house has a built-in mudroom. How can you create a mudroom without spending thousands on expensive home renovations? The answer is separate flooring for your extra space.

A mudroom is the perfect place to leave behind mud, snow, or salt that can be tracked in on your shoes. Take your shoes off in one spot every time, and the rest of your house stays sparkling clean. A mudroom is also a good area for storage. It can often be used for keeping umbrellas, rain boots, winter jackets, or other seasonal accessories. It’s the last place you go before leaving your house, so it’s convenient to have everything in one spot.

When you create a separate space in your home, then it’s simple to keep mess to just one area. This is what creating a mudroom will do for you. Place flooring near the doorway where you’d like your mudroom area to be, and soon you’ll start seeing it as its own area. There may not be walls separating the mudroom from the rest of your home, but separate flooring can make a distinction that makes a difference to you and your guests. People will instinctively leave their muddy shoes in the mudroom area, because they’ll see it as a separate space.

Your mudroom flooring needs to stand up to a lot of foot traffic and a lot of dirt. Where can you find the perfect durable and easily cleaned flooring? We’ve got the answer: Place N Go flooring. This durable flooring is easy to install and adhesive-free, so you can change the shape of your mudroom area whenever you want. It’s waterproof, so the floor beneath it won’t be damaged by mud or snow. We’ve also got a wide variety of styles, so your mudroom area can look like it’s tiled with wood or stone—without any of the negative drawbacks of natural materials.

Contact us today to learn more about how Place N Go can make a difference for you.