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5 Trends in Residential Bathroom Flooring

residential bathroom flooring

When considering which bathroom flooring is best for your home, there are many factors to consider.  However, two of the biggest bathroom and laundry room concerns revolve around moisture and liquids.  Flooring in your home is an investment so knowing your options, and your budget, is key to making the right choice.  This article will highlight a few of the top trending types of residential bathroom flooring options in comparison to Place ‘N Go flooring.


Ceramic Tile

A timeless and universal choice when it comes to residential flooring is ceramic tile.  Because of the wide range of colors and textures available to the consumer, this type of tile can be ideal when creating a unique atmosphere.  Further, ceramic is waterproof and easy to clean.  However, should you need repair due to a crack or other types of damage, the repair process can prove tricky.


Porcelain Tile

Similar to ceramic, porcelain tile holds many of the same features.  However, porcelain floors are a much more expensive bathroom flooring option.  Built to last, porcelain will hold true to its original color over time.  Less absorbent to water, porcelain will also protect your subflooring better than ceramic should spills occur.  The downside to this tile is the installation and repair processes.  The delicate nature of this tile makes both jobs a time-consuming and precise craft.


Laminate & Vinyl

By far the most common residential flooring is laminate and vinyl.  These low cost, easy to clean options come in a vast amount of colors, sizes, and shapes making them ideal for any space and budget.  The biggest trend with this flooring is the wood-look laminate.  Resembling hardwood flooring without the maintenance, you can have the same look for a fraction of the cost. However, this flooring is easily damaged.  Volatile to sharp objects, laminate and vinyl can crack, dent, and rip if not correctly cared for.

Furthermore, if damage is to occur, there is no simple repair solution.  The entire flooring will need replacement. Another downfall is that over time, the color of the flooring can fade and stain due to an array of environmental factors.



Perhaps the most costly option is natural stone flooring.  Floors such as slate, marble, and granite offer a beautiful aesthetic but need dedicated maintenance to maintain.  Sensitive to many chemicals, this flooring requires routine polishing to hold its natural beauty.


Place N Go

If luxury plank or tile flooring that offers waterproof, stain and mold-resistant features, durability, and easy install and repair processes seems like something you would rather opt for, then consider looking further into Place N’ Go Tile and Plank flooring.  An innovative, environmentally friendly solution perfect for residential bathroom flooring, SelecTech has mastered the art of flooring.


Visit Place N’ Go online to learn more about their bathroom flooring solutions fit for any budget.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t call them sooner (508)-583-3200.