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residential bathroom flooring

A Few Reasons To Upgrade Your Residential Bathroom Flooring Today

  It’s well-known that kitchen and bathroom can sell a home. Even if you’re not looking to place your house on the market, there are several reason to consider upgrading these areas of your home. For instance, bathrooms are one of the most frequented spaces. They can also be the most difficult to maintain. The […]

home office flooring

Garages to Home Office Flooring: We Have Your 2020 Needs Covered

No matter what the work environment is, your flooing can help make your day easier.

home gym flooring

Why You Need Home Gym Flooring

Got a home gym? If so, we sure hope you’ve protected those floors and your body!

home office flooring

We Have the Home Office Flooring You Need

If you’re working from home, you may be missing some of ergonomical luxuries of the office. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back (literally).

kitchen flooring

2020 Kitchen Flooring That Sells

It’s a sellers market and that means every last detail of your home matters. Flooring is no exception.

basement flooring

Basement Flooring: The Cost Savings of Finishing Your Floors

Basement flooring can save a homeowner thousands of dollars – here’s how.

interlocking flooring

Residential Interlocking Flooring Replacement Made Easy

Accidents happen and we have your floor covered. Literally. And, with what better than an easy replacement solution!

basement flooring

Guideline to Fixing Your Basement Flooring

Now more than ever, people are spending time at home. And a lot of it. As the walls close in, you may be looking for avenues to maintain the sanity. Basements can be an ideal area to start. Creating usable living space in the basement can provide a multitude of benefits that last beyond this […]

kids playroom flooring

3 Ways To Clean Your Kids Playroom Flooring Today

Now, more than ever, your kids playroom flooring is taking a beating, which is great! From stinky feet to sticky hands, the room that was designed for playing is finally serving its purpose tenfold. However, with the increased traffic, you may find yourself dealing with bigger messes than ever before as well. All flooring requires […]

bathroom flooring

Spring Renovations Begin with Bathroom Flooring

Spring is closing in, and that means home renovation time for homeowners. With the windows open and the fresh, clean air coming in, people have the urge to clean things up. Hence, bathrooms being one of the biggest DIY projects that homeowners tackle. From bathroom flooring to new paint, hardware upgrades to shower redesigns, a […]