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Mudroom flooring

Make a Mudroom With Separate Flooring

Does your home have a mudroom? Some people consider this a necessity, but not every house has a built-in mudroom. How can you create a mudroom without spending thousands on expensive home renovations? The answer is separate flooring for your extra space. A mudroom is the perfect place to leave behind mud, snow, or salt […]

Does Your Workshop Flooring Stand Up?

Do you have a home workshop? You need to consider the flooring you have there, and how it differs from the rest of your home. Perfect flooring will stand up to any accidents that can happen in your workshop, and won’t hurt your feet after a long day of standing. Here are some things to […]

Why You Need Flooring for a Home Gym

If you’re setting up a home gym, one thing you will need is appropriate flooring for it. Installing flooring will protect your home’s existing floors from damage caused by heavy gym equipment or dropped weights. You don’t want your floor to crack if you drop free weights, and you don’t want it to warp under […]

basement flooring

Place N’ Go is Perfect for Hurricanes

We’re on the tail-end of hurricane season on the Atlantic, but parts of our country were and continue to be devastated by the storms that came through in just a month’s time. Between August 13 and September 3, Harvey, Irma, and Maria impacted hundreds of thousands of people, much of which included flooding. These storms […]


Common Basement Problems

SelecTech is a Massachusetts-based business, which means our team has suffered from our fair share of common basement problems. We know how frustrating it can be to face these issues, but here are a few of our least favorite troubles to have: Leaks and floods Foundation cracks, groundwater flooding, sump pump problems, or accidents caused […]

When You Should Have Place N’ Go In Your Basement

The Place N’ Go team has helped hundreds of satisfied customers with our basement floor tiles, and we want everyone to know about them! With so many options on the market, you might be wondering which basement flooring is best for your home, and we can think of just a few instances when you should […]

Click N’ Go Versus Place N’ Go

Place N’ Go creates one of the best options for basement flooring, especially for homeowners with high-moisture issues. Our most popular Place N’ Go line and newest Click N’ Go line are both great interlocking flooring options for this additional space in your home, and the team at Place N’ Go has received many questions […]


Why Peel and Stick Tiles Just Don’t Work in Basements

Place N’ Go talks to potential customers about their basement floor tile problems all the time, and why their old flooring didn’t work for them. A popular flooring solution are peel and stick tiles. Though inexpensive, there’s a reason that these floor tiles just simply don’t work in basements. They give no cushion or warmth […]

Why Place N’ Go Is Better Than Foam Playroom Tiles

Whether you are choosing a playroom flooring for your kids or grandkids, there are plenty of reasons you might want to use those foam tiles we all grew up having. Though they might feel like a sound investment, Place N’ Go™ can think of quite a few reasons you should spend just a little more […]

Characteristics of Great Basement Flooring

Depending on where you live, you will find that many homeowners utilize their basements by finishing them out. While shopping for all the right materials to create an ideal space, Place N’ Go™ wants our customers to remember how important your basement flooring choices are and what you should be looking for as you shop. […]