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So You Need New Basement Flooring. Should You Use Peel and Stick Vinyl?

basement flooring

basemenWhen it comes to basement flooring, the options are vast. However, when you delve into the specifics of these options, you’ll realize there may not be as many options as appears. Why? Well, let’s talk peel and stick tiles for a moment. While they seem the ideal solution with many colors and textures, there is more to the story.

Here, our experts at SelecTech are providing a closer look at what you should know before committing to peel and stick flooring.



With peel and stick vinyl flooring, preparation is a critical step. Obtaining a clean, smooth, dry floor is an absolute must to ensure the tile sticks.

Cleaning during this process refers to removing any debris or dirt off of the floor. By skipping this step, dirt and such will stick to the tile backing, compromising adhesive effectiveness. Smoothing the floor’s surface refers to filling in any cracks or holes in the basement floor. Because peel and stick tiles conform to the surface, if there are divots in the floor, your new tile flooring will as well. Once applied, following this step with a primer creates a strong bond between the original basement flooring and the newly applied surface.



Once you’ve prepared and applied your stick and peel flooring, you must wait for it to set. Generally, the setting process takes around 24 hours. This number can fluctuate depending on your preparation and whether or not extra glue was used. Because of the variation based on application technique, many experts recommend an entire 72 hour waiting period between application and when it is safe to walk on the floor.

While there are several other areas we could discuss, the professionals at SelecTech feel these two topics are of the utmost interest, especially when compared to Place N’ Go Tile or Click N’ Go Plank basement flooring.


Basement flooring without the headache.

If lengthy preparation and setting times aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. At SelecTech, we proudly offer residential flooring solutions that provide nothing but ease. Our flooring installs quickly and with the highest functionality over problematic subflooring by eliminating the need for preparation. Further, these mold-resistant tiles or planks click together, creating a moisture-tight seal without the need for any adhesives. Thus, we’ve also eliminated the waiting time between application and when you can walk on your floor.

Available in many colors, textures, tile, or wood, Place N Go has the solution for every home. To order your samples or to learn more about our innovative, sustainable basement flooring, please contact our team by calling (508) 583-3200.

We look forward to taking your basement to the next level with a stress-free and dependable experience.