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Basement to Game Room: Choosing the Right Flooring

game room basement flooring

Many homeowners neglect valuable square footage in their home.  The cold, dingy basement can easily be transformed into an inviting and usable space in little time. The possibilities are endless when deciding how to utilize this new space.  A game room will create an excellent hangout for the kids as well as a gathering spot for family and friends.  Not only will you be adding value to your home, but building an area to make memories for years to come. However, before the decorating can begin, choices on the staples must be determined.  When considering a game room, basement flooring from SelecTech offers a variety of residential options perfect for longevity and function.



Place N’ Go Tile

Made with resilient recycled plastic, this mold-resistant tile is perfect as a basement flooring option.  Often a dark area filled with moisture, Place N’ Go tile will ensure your family and friends are safe from health risks that mold and mildew can cause.  These tiles also provide insulation from the concrete floors.  Ensuring your basement a warmer temperature will only further entice people to it.   With the excitement of your new room, the traffic level is sure to increase, and accidents are bound to happen.  The adhesive-free interlocking design system of this flooring allows for easy installation as well as replacement.  Should something occur that requires a tile to be replaced, that particular tile can be removed without disrupting the entire floor structure.


Click N’ Go

Similar in characteristics, Click N’ Go is unique with its plank style look.  If a tiled floor is not quite what you had in mind, consider Click N’ Go to add an elegant décor to your space.  Whether you prefer natural or weathered looking oak, SelecTech has your game room flooring needs covered.  Just like Place N’ Go tile, these floors are easy to install and easy to replace should an accident occur.  Durable and waterproof composite allows for installation flexibility over a variety of problematic subflooring.



If you are in the market for residential basement flooring, contact SelecTech about their variety of sytlish, function, and affordable options.  Offering dozens of designs, they will have your game room flooring complete with minimal disruptions.  Spending time with family and friends instead of fighting with floor installation is essential!


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