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Characteristics of Superior Basement Flooring

interlocking flooring solutions

Depending on where you live, you will find that many homeowners utilize their basements by finishing them to a usable space. While shopping for all the right materials to create an ideal space, Place N’ Go™ wants our customers to remember how important your basement flooring choice is.  With our interlocking flooring solutions, you can be on your way to the finished basement you’ve been dreaming about.  


Moisture and mold resistance

As New England native, the innovators of Place N ‘Go had plenty of incentive to make an interlocking flooring solution that can withstand the usual problems of basements. Our interlocking system allows for easy removal, and ensures great air quality for your home.  Thus, if water damage is to become an issue, you can have peace of mind that your basement floor is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Easy to install

Even in new homes, subfloors and concrete can face a variety of problems, and Place N’ Go™ understands that. Our interlocking tiles require no underlayment, moisture, barriers, or adhesives, which makes it perfect for a basement setting.  Homeowners are amazed with the quick and easy installation process of our product, regardless of the subfloor at hand.


Creating a useable living space means that it can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Place N’ Go’s™ flooring is made from resilient recycled plastics that provide a durable top layer which comes in a number of finishes.  Regardless of which finish you choose, you’re guaranteed a flooring solution that with withstand the harshest elements.  


When making the investment to finish your basement, you want to be sure you’re creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.  By doing so, you’ll have a space that draws family and guests to it.  With Place N’ Go’s interlocking flooring solution you’ll not only have a stylish appealing, but you’ll have comfort.  The innovative backing provides underfoot comfortable, even when directly placed on concrete subflooring. 

Place N’ Go™ is the solution every homeowner needs for their basement finishing projects.  Our innovative interlocking floating flooring solutions provide the aesthetic, durability, and comfort you’ve been searching for.  Contact our team today for more information (508) 583-3200.