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Common Basement Problems


SelecTech is a Massachusetts-based business, which means our team has suffered from our fair share of common basement problems. We know how frustrating it can be to face these issues, but here are a few of our least favorite troubles to have:

Leaks and floods

Foundation cracks, groundwater flooding, sump pump problems, or accidents caused by machines like water heaters and washers have happened to a majority of homeowners. If you have a finished basement? You will often have to deal with far more repairs and replacements than you thought possible.


Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it soaks up and retains water for extended periods of time. Though your basement might not have any actual leaks, the humidity can stick and will leave this additional space feel uninviting and difficult to live in.


With basements known to be inherently damp spaces, it is no surprise when homeowners find mold problems behind their finishes such as flooring or drywall. It’s essential to utilize materials that are resilient to this issue and provides the proper accessibility to repair and replace different damaged areas.

Floors sinking or cracking

No floor is perfect, and basement flooring has been known to crack or sink. Depending on the soil under your home or other outside factors, you could face serious concern for your home’s structure which should be addressed by a professional immediately.

How do you fix these problems?

Place N’ Go’s basement floor tiles were designed to be the ideal solution for these common basement problems. On top of these tiles being resistant to mold growth, their unique interlocking system makes for a straightforward install and the tiles can be removed and reinstalled just as easily in the event of floods or excessive moisture. Our flooring is perfect for virtually any problem subfloor and is the best solution for many homeowners looking for alternative flooring materials.

With more questions about our interlocking, MAS certified green flooring for your basement, contact the Place N’ Go team today by calling (508) 583-3200.