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Residential Interlocking Flooring Replacement Made Easy

residential interlocking flooring

With the unprecedented times we’re all living, many of us spent (or still are spending) a great deal of time at home. For a good majority of people, being home means catching up on the neglected renovations and upgrades that we’ve long put aside. And, believe it or not, flooring is one of the biggest undertakings that people attempt to tackle on their own. With Place N’ Go residential interlocking flooring, homeowners have an innovative solution that is not only reliable, fashionable, affordable, but also easy replaceable should the need arrive!

Let’s face it; accidents happen. Whatever the reason may be, the need to replace a portion of your flooring often proves challenging. A challenge that most chose to set to the side and forget about. For example, consider your tiled washroom floor for a moment. An accident occurs, tile cracks, now what? Dealing with partial replacements is not only frustrating but also time-consuming and sometimes very costly. Lucky for you, you’ve found the team of engineers that excel in residential flooring solutions, SelecTech.


Removing interlocking flooring

At SelecTech, our team works hard every day to ensure our customers only the best. From design to removal, we’ve covered all the corners. So, if the need arises that one of your tiles needs replacement, you can have peace of mind that we’ve covered that too!

Removing Place N’ Go flooring requires one tool; a suction cup. With this simple tool that you can find at any local hardware store for under $20, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t call us sooner. Our innovative interlocking design makes lifting and replacing a single tile simple. Long gone are the days of drilling, epoxy, grouting, and the worries of damaging surrounding tiles.


What if the surrounding tiles lift?

One of the biggest concerns of removing a single tile from any type of flooring is the potential damage it may cause to the surrounding tiles. The ricochet effect if you will. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying this scenario isn’t a possibility with Place N’ Go, we’re just saying you don’t need to stress over it.

If surrounding tiles lift during the removal process, the remedy is manageable. With a little muscle, press the tiles back into place, and you’re done. Yes, it’s that easy, we promise.



Whether you’re looking to replace a single tile or board, or access the subfloor, removing Place N Go interlocking flooring is a breeze, and we haven’t even mentioned the other desirable benefits!


Place N’ Go is the residential line of our top-performing interlocking flooring. Perfect for basements, laundry rooms, playrooms, and, well, practically anywhere, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t choose us sooner!

For more information, or to order samples, contact our team at (508) 583-3200. Why settle for less when you have the market’s best residential interlocking flooring a phone call away?