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Sustainable Residential Interlocking Flooring

residential interlocking flooring

When it comes to home renovations, there are many factors that go into making final decisions. For instance, aesthetics plays a significant role, but so does price, quality, and long-term efficiency. Here at SelecTech, we inspire to check off all the boxes with our residential interlocking flooring. Using high quality, recyclable materials, and easy installation provides a feel-good solution that save you money, time, and provides a beautiful end result.


Cost Effective

When choosing flooring for your home, one of the biggest factors will be cost. You truly do get what you pay for. By investing in a high-quality product, it’ll last so much longer. For example, would you rather pay $100 for a product that lasts 25 years, or $25 for a product you have to replace every five years? Although it’s more, in the beginning, you’ll spend less over time.

With our Place N’ Go flooring, you can also save on heating and cooling costs. High-quality materials and a built-in underlayment result in a floor that’s more comfortable and insulates the floor to reduce heat (or air conditioning) losses from your home. This, in combination with how long it lasts, makes Place N’ Go tiles a fiscally responsible choice for any home.


Environmentally Friendly

For almost the same reasons our products are cost-effective, they are better for the environment. Reducing heating and cooling costs, as well as how frequently you’ll have to replace the tiles, will result in a reduction of resources – lessening the strain on the planet. Further, our interlocking method of installation eliminates the need for adhesives and thus doesn’t put hazardous chemicals in the air.


MAS certified green flooring


SelecTech takes residential interlocking flooring to the next level by providing what consumers seek – affordability, ease of installation, and above all, an environmentally sustainable product. With our Takeback Program, we further entice consumers to do their part. When the time comes for flooring replacement, we will buy back your old flooring to recycle into new tiles.

For more information on Place ‘N Go residential interlocking flooring or the innovative steps SelecTech has taken to do its part with the environment, please contact our team at 508-583-3200

We look forward to creating a cleaner, stylish future together.