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Home Gym Flooring: Designing Your Perfect Space

Home gyms are the perfect solution for those who love to work out, but don’t always have time to travel to the gym. Plus, prioritizing your health by installing home gym equipment can make it easier to incorporate workouts into your everyday life. But home gyms have special needs compared to any old living space. They need to be well ventilated, and also have a flooring that can withstand heavy traffic and equipment, while not absorbing odors. The professionals here at SelecTech have the perfect line of home gym flooring, no matter how you like to work out.

How Do You Workout?

If you’re thinking about adding a home gym to your home, you should first consider how you work out. If weight lifting is more your speed and you plan on installing heavy duty machines or equipment, you’re going to need a flooring system that can withstand that kind of pressure. Our line of Place N’Go flooring is designed to withstand pressure of industrial strength, so you never have to worry about your gym equipment being too heavy.

But working out isn’t always about weight lifting and heavy machines. We understand that your ideal home gym might just be an open space where you can stretch and perform more stationary exercises. Our Place N’Go flooring is soft enough to feel comfortable when sitting, standing, or performing all types of exercises.

Sweat It Out

The point of a workout is to sweat – am I right? You don’t want to worry about stinking up your house by working out indoors. Our material is mold resistant and super easy to clean. Go ahead, sweat it out. Our product is easy to clean and won’t hold on to odors, so you can feel good about laying down and stretching out after a hard workout.

Whether you’re a hard core workout fiend, or you’re looking for a way to get in a little sunrise yoga, we have the home gym flooring for you. Our educated staff will help you choose a style that best matches your home, and will assist you every step of the way. Give us a call at 508-583-3200 for more information.