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Why You Need Home Gym Flooring

home gym flooring

Although gyms around the country are opening, many people have discovered the benefits of creating a home gym. Whether in the basement or guest room, this cost-effective solution also provides convenience. However, one thing that is a must is home gym flooring. By installing appropriate flooring, you’ll protect your existing flooring from potential damage caused by heavy equipment or dropped weights.


A more comfortable workout

The ideal flooring will create a more ergonomic environment for your workouts. By choosing flooring with a layer of rubber, your floor will provide more give. Thus, allowing you to exercise without hurting your feet, legs, or back. However, it’s not only your body that’s protected but also your subfloor. The flexibility of a rubber layer protects from potential scratches, cracks, or damage caused by exercise equipment.

Rubber also provides sound dampening qualities, which is perfect if you have neighbors or roommates who don’t want to hear your workouts!


Water-resistance when you need it

Home gym flooring is also useful because of its waterproof properties. Chances are, you work out with a bottle of water nearby. If water spills on your existing floors, there’s an opportunity for warping, rotten wood, and mold and mildew growth should the water seep below the floor. However, with waterproof flooring in your home gym, you can wipe away the spill with peace of mind.

The floor’s durability also means it will stand up to heavy use, occasional spills, and dropped weights for years before it needs replacement. Furthermore, the innovative design of Place N’ Go allows you to quickly remove and relocate your home gym should you move.


exercise room flooring


Residential interlocking flooring is easy to install. You don’t need professionals to take care of it for you, and you’ll have it done within a day! There’s no reason to keep yourself from setting up the home gym of your dreams — contact our team at SelecTech today to learn more about your home gym flooring options!


Before you go, be sure to check out our video highlighting just how easy installing flooring in your home gym is!