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Keep Warm with Basement Flooring

basement flooring

Many families use their basements for more than just storage. It’s a home office, a hangout space, a home gym, and so much more. But in the winter, the basement is easily the coldest room in the house. So instead of losing a whole room of your house for the winter, warm it up with new basement flooring!

Unsure how installing basement flooring will keep you warm? Let us explain.


Stay Dry

Basements have a tendency to be damp places. And we all know that damp means cold. The simple concrete floor of most basement floors is porous and retains moisture, keeping your basement cold and damp. By adding another layer of basement flooring that is water-resistant, you can reduce the amount of moisture that your basement retains. This not only keeps your basement warmer but also helps reduce the chances of mold growth. Plus, if you want to throw a rug down (for extra warmth) but don’t want to lay it directly on the concrete because of the moisture, putting down basement flooring is the solution for that problem, too.


Insulate Yourself

In addition to retaining moisture, concrete also doesn’t fluctuate in temperature very much. When it’s cold, it tends to stay cold. However, you can easily insulate your basement floor by adding a layer of flooring made from a warmer material. You’ll immediately notice the difference in temperature when you add flooring to your basement. It may not be warm enough to walk around in your bare feet, but it will be much warmer!


Make It Nice

Warmth isn’t just a temperature, it’s also a feeling you get from your home. The way your basement looks contributes to how you feel about it. A concrete floor isn’t just cold and damp, it’s unattractive, too. Place N’ Go has several flooring places that are ideal for basements and look great. Not only will you warm up your basement, but you’ll also love spending time there because it’s an inviting—and warm—place to be.


basement flooring

Basement Flooring from Place N’ Go by SelecTech

Don’t let the cold drive you out of your basement! Place N’ Go flooring from SelecTech will warm up your basement and make it look and feel like a nice place to spend time. Our products are affordable and easy to install, so you can improve your basement in no time!


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