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3 Ways To Clean Your Kids Playroom Flooring Today

kids playroom flooring

Now, more than ever, your kids playroom flooring is taking a beating, which is great! From stinky feet to sticky hands, the room that was designed for playing is finally serving its purpose tenfold. However, with the increased traffic, you may find yourself dealing with bigger messes than ever before as well. All flooring requires a regular cleaning routine, but some floors are a bit more specific with their guidelines. With Place ‘N Go flooring from SelecTech, cleanup is a breeze.



Sweep or vacuum

One of the easiest methods for cleaning is the old fashioned broom or vacuum. While the amount of cleaning needed depends on the amount of traffic, we’re guessing these days you’ll be reaching for the broom at least once a day. While this may seem like a hassle, leaving dirt and other debris behind on the floor can cause premature wear.



Dry mop

Although sweeping is a great for surface debris, it’s not efficient for spills or similar messes. Dry mops, like Swiffer, come in handy for daily and spot cleaning spills. Let’s face it; a kids playroom flooring is bond to see a few spills along the way! If you don’t have a Swiffer around the house, Windex and a cloth is a great substitute.



Wet mop

When all else fails, it may be time to grab the mop and bucket. Lucky for you, Place N’ Go flooring is super versatile when it comes to cleaning methods! From sweep to a bucket of soapy water, cleaning is truly dependent on the mess at hand.

When wet mopping your playroom flooring, you’ll want to use soap and water or a cleaner designed for vinyl flooring. Apply gently to loosen any debris then mop up the residue. Be sure to rinse your mop along the way to avoid flooding the floor in water and redepositing any debris.



kids playroom florring



For all of kids playroom flooring needs, our team of professionals at SelecTech is here to assist. Whether you’re looking for fast installation over old damaged floors or assistant with cleaning suggestions, we continue to serve our community. Contact us today at (508) 583-3200.