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2020 Kitchen Flooring That Sells

kitchen flooring

During one of the strangest times that most humans have experienced, the real estate market is booming. As they call it, it’s a seller’s market. This means that sellers are often receiving more than asking price and within days, if not hours, of listing their home. However, for some, this may not be the case. If you’re considering selling your home, upgrades to your kitchen and bathrooms are vital.

Without spending thousands of dollars, simple measures can be taken to modernize your home. For instance, changing your kitchen flooring is a sure way to give an outdated space a clean, stylish look. However, knowing the current trends is imperative when choosing a floor that will capture the attention of potential buyers. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the biggest trends in kitchen flooring this year.



Wood flooring is the way to go

With a little research, one will quickly discover that wood flooring is the way to go. Or, at least wood-looking flooring. With so many innovative options on the market, the sometimes expensive option of hardwood is no longer a concern.  From interlocking planks to waterproof vinyl, homeowners have no shortage of options sure to fit their budget. With these cost-efficient solutions that provide waterproof features and elegance, there’s really no excuse not to consider the upgrade!



Tile is timeless and holding strong

Possibly one of the most classic kitchen flooring options is tile. However, tile is a broad category leaving a ton of room for customization. If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to keep your personal taste aside and consider a neutral solution that’s show-stopping yet affordable.



At SelecTech, we’re a team of proud innovators. Creating flooring solutions for residential and commercial environments is what we do best, all while keeping the environment at the forefront of our operation. If you’re looking for kitchen flooring, it’s time to consider Place N’Go for your upgrade. From plank to tile, our flooring provides adhesive-free installation that is quick to install, even over problematic subflooring.


Beyond upgrading your kitchen flooring, adding a backsplash, upgrading your lighting, and changing your cabinet hardware are other easy DIY methods that are budget-friendly.  For more information on how SelecTech can increase your potential buyer interest, contact us today at 508-583-3200.