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Let’s Talk Home Office Flooring

home office flooring

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your home office flooring, we’ve got you and your floors covered! A home office space needs to be both effective and comfortable. At SelecTech, we understand your needs, and we have easy-to-install flooring that is both practical and inviting for your workspace. Here are some things to consider when choosing your home office flooring.

What’s Your Budget?

Of course, the first question to ask yourself is how much you’re willing to spend! Most office flooring comes in vinyl, carpeting, laminate, or wood. If installing an entire hardwood floor sounds too expensive, go for engineered wood or vinyl. Finally, how do you plan to install your flooring? If you’re looking to save money, you may want to go the DIY route, but some floors require professional installation. With SelecTech’s Place N’ Go™ flooring, you save money and gain beautiful floors that last a lifetime, thanks to our waterproof material and easy, DIY installation process. 

General Traffic

If you deal with clients on a daily basis, you may want flooring that is comfortable to walk on, durable, and easy to clean! Do you have family members working on different levels? Maybe you have a roommate who lives below you. Depending on the amount of traffic your floor will receive, consider installing a floor that absorbs rather than transfers noise. 

Did you know? Our patented Place N’ Go™ SelecTile is perfect for the home office space, with a durable interlocking surface intended to withstand the force of heavy objects, machinery, and more! 

What’s Your Style?

Whether you’re creating a home yoga studio or you need a quiet office space, flooring is a big part of your space. Do you want a space that flows seamlessly with the rest of your home? If so, consider matching your flooring tone and style. Is your style minimalist and functional or do you prefer a chic and classic feel? Is your color palette soft or bold? Choosing a color and style will help with your floor choice. 

Install Home Office Flooring

Whether you need a home office or a home gym, SelecTech’s Place N’ Go™ flooring is the perfect option! Our floors are easy to install, durable, and they come in a variety of styles for every aesthetic! Place N’ Go™  is the top line of interlocking flooring, and it is perfect for any residential space, including basements, laundry rooms, playrooms, and more!


For more information or to order samples, contact our team at (508) 583-3200. Why settle for less when you have the market’s best home office flooring?