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Man Cave Not Quite Up to Par? Interlocking Flooring Can Help!

interlocking flooring

For those of you excited to invite the guys over for the game, but not entirely proud of your Man Cave, this article is for you. Here at SelecTech, our Place ‘N Go line provides the interlocking flooring solutions your space has been looking for. Hold your heads high and know there’s the perfect, easy installation solution, only a phone call away.

At some time or another we’ve all dreamed of the man cave, or the she-shed for that matter, but accomplishing this space can sometimes prove to be a challenge. The first obstacle is finding the designated space that your partner is willing to part ways with. However, if you’ve climbed that mountain and reached the top, the fun is about to begin! Walking into your new space, you’re dreaming big. From ceiling to the floor, you have every last detail in mind. Wow, the guys are going to be jealous when you’re through! Then reality sets in, and you remember that lottery ticket hasn’t quite pulled through for you yet. So, we work with what we have.


The fundamentals

Chances are your space already has a ceiling and some type of flooring. If your man cave falls in line with most, you’re probably out in the garage or the unfinished basement on a cold cement floor. Who cares though, right? We do! You’ve brought in the leather couches, the flat-screen television, set up your bar area, and whatever other elements you’ve envisioned. With the right flooring you can change dingy to awesome.

If you’ve never considered interlocking flooring solutions, we’re here to shed some light on what you’ve been missing.


The possibilities are endless

Although we’re here to make your visions come to life, we feel obligated to mention our weathered oak flooring. This interlocking tongue and groove flooring is perfect in any cave. Not only is installation a breeze, even over problem subfloors, but it’s waterproof and extremely durable. However, if things get a bit too rowdy one night, replacing damaged sections is no problem. In fact, the replacement of only one plank is possible without the need to move furniture and disrupt your hard work.


If your man cave, or she-shed, needs a finishing touch, consider Place ‘N Go. Our interlocking flooring solutions provide a variety of wood-grain, or elegant tile looks sure to enhance any room. For more information, give our team a call today at (508) 583-3200.