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Why Peel and Stick Tiles Just Don’t Work in Basements


Place N’ Go talks to potential customers about their basement floor tile problems all the time, and why their old flooring didn’t work for them. A popular flooring solution are peel and stick tiles. Though inexpensive, there’s a reason that these floor tiles just simply don’t work in basements.

They give no cushion or warmth

Peel and stick tiles give you the luxury of applying directly to the floor, but the lack of underlayment means when you walk into your basement, your feet feel the cold, hard surface underneath. Not only is it uncomfortable and uninviting, it steals away the potential warmth when the proper insulation is not met.

They do not last

Let’s face it, stick down tiles are just not designed for the long haul. The adhesives on the backing might be strong to begin with, but even with normal traffic and use, your floors will slowly begin to lift on the corners and can even become a hazard for people walking, which is less than ideal for you, your family, and your guests.

They lift when introduced to moisture

Though concrete is the foundation to many structures and is extremely strong, it is also porous. Basements have the tendencies to flood often, especially in areas where you might receive a lot of rain, snow, and other moist elements. Adhesive tiles will often lift when moisture is present, ruining the tile you just installed.

They emphasize problem subfloors

Many basements have the same characteristics, including uneven subflooring. Stick down tiles might be easy to install on problem subfloors, but they do not help your floors feel even. Because the tiles are so thin and close to the ground, you will feel every dip, crack, and other issues similar under your feet at all times.

Place N’ Go wants you to know there are basement flooring options out there that are affordable and eliminate many of the problems we find in our basement floors! Our interlocking system is easy to install, has great insulation and underfoot feet, is waterproof and anti-microbial, as well as simple to remove and re-lay in the event of flooding.

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