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When You Should Have Place N’ Go In Your Basement

bathroom flooring

The Place N’ Go team has helped hundreds of satisfied customers with our basement floor tiles, and we want everyone to know about them! With so many options on the market, you might be wondering which basement flooring is best for your home, and we can think of just a few instances when you should have our flooring system in your basement:

If you have kids

If you have a playroom or just simply an area for your children to congregate in your home, Place N’ Go tiles are ideal. The built-in underlayment has a great underfoot feel, is extremely comfortable, and is far more durable than the foam play tiles you often see.

If you want to use the extra square footage

As a company based in New England, we understand the appeal of having a finished basement when there is so much unused space in your home. Place N’ Go is the perfect solution to give your family a little more wiggle room without breaking the bank.

If your basement is cold

You want all areas of your home to be inviting, and a cold floor is never ideal. Place N’ Go tiles are designed with a backing that doesn’t require any additional materials and do not hold onto the temperature of the concrete the same way stick-down tiles do.

If your concrete experiences moisture

It’s devastating to finish out your basement to only be left with water damage caused by excessive rain, a faulty pipe, or concrete-related issues. Luckily, Place N’ Go is perfect for these situations. The interlocking tiles require minimal surface prep and can be easily removed to allow your concrete to dry before reinstalling to avoid potential mold and mildew problems. It’s the most effective solution that also provides some of the best flooring around.


With more questions about our residential interlocking flooring, please contact our team today by calling (508) 583-3200.