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Why Place N’ Go Is Better Than Foam Playroom Tiles

kids playroom flooring

Chances are that if you have kids in the house, you’ve designated an area of your home just for their toys.  Having a playroom serves a great purpose when trying to consolidate potential messes.  That being said, the room not only needs to be appealing but functional for the kiddos.  One of the biggest fallback purchases of kids playroom flooring is the good old interlocking foam ABC tiles we all grew up knowing.  They provide padding to the floor, are somewhat educational, and come in a variety of eye-appealing colors.  However, at Place N’ Go™, we can think of quite a few reasons why you should reconsider your purchase and choose our free-floating flooring instead.



It’s a fact; kids can be destructive.  Thus, if purchasing foam tiles, you may want to consider how much you may end up investing in them.  Easily damaged, the foam flooring can be an appealing chew toy for teething babies and pets alike.  Further, the material makes for the perfect hole-punching pastime; an ideal amusement for bored kiddos.  However, with a bit higher of an up-front cost, you could have tiles with a durable top layer built to withstand damage.


Appealing to Everyone

Whenever we think about foam tiles, we are often greeted by the image of fluorescent or bold primary colors.  Although this may be fun for the little ones, these mats can easily overpower any room.  Lucky for you, Place N’ Go™  has several attractive finishes for any décor.  Why compromise the elegance of your home when you can have an appealing, and functional, playroom flooring system that will last for years to come?


We Are Tear Apart Proof

Though foam tiles “lock together” with their puzzle-styled edges, the flexible and soft foam quickly allows for these tiles to pull apart. Further, many of them will incorporate letters and numbers, encouraging children to tear them apart.  While the hope of skill building is there, we as parents will stand on the sideline hoping the pieces make it back together.  With days already filled to the brim, piecing together flooring after the kids go to bed is not something many people want on their list. On the other hand, Place N’ Go™ will allow you to enjoy our patented, interlocking system without the worry of an added chore.


Unless Of Course, It’s Your Choice

Because accidents happen, our interlocking system allows for tiles to be removed and re-installed quickly. Even better, the entire floor doesn’t need to be disrupted.  Place N’ Go™ allows the homeowner to easily replace one tile, without the headache of clearing out an entire room.

Because of the many beneficial properties we offer, Place N’ Go™ is ideal for kids playroom flooring.  However, our products can also be an excellent choice for basements and bathrooms.  For more information, give us a call at (508) 583-3200.