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Place N’ Go is Perfect for Hurricanes

basement flooring

We’re on the tail-end of hurricane season on the Atlantic, but parts of our country were and continue to be devastated by the storms that came through in just a month’s time. Between August 13 and September 3, Harvey, Irma, and Maria impacted hundreds of thousands of people, much of which included flooding. These storms have caused over an estimated $150 billion in damages combined. Though there is no way to prevent these hurricanes from happening, there are products which could be used to help save homeowners money.

Place N’ Go is an interlocking flooring solution designed for residential living spaces, such as basements, to withstand water and excessive moisture. These floor tiles snap together with a one-of-a-kind system that makes them easy to remove, clean, and reinstall in the same space or another area. They can be installed over moisture-prone or problem subfloors and are mold resistant. These flooring tiles are not only a great investment for someone’s basement to extend their living space at an affordable price, but they are also a great investment to save you money in the future if flooding, such as those with the hurricanes, were to occur.

We believe in our products because they have survived the test of hurricanes in the past. In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast and even reached as far as New England. Having installed our flooring in a number of homes, we were able to hear about our flooring first-hand from customers.

“(Place N’ Go) passed the ultimate test with Hurricane Sandy. Five feet of water sat on the tiles and (they) were later caked with sheetrock. We power washed them, and they are ready to be put down again.” – Loretta F.

It can feel impossible to take preventative steps for flooding or natural disasters in your home, but Place N’ Go can help. Our experts would love to explain to you how this investment could save you money down the road, contribute to better indoor air quality, and benefit your home.

With more questions, please contact us today by calling (508) 583-3200.