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Problem Subfloors? No Problem for Place N’ Go

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When it comes to home renovations, you have to consider not only the price but also how long the project will take. Although do-it-yourself projects may seem more cost-effective, the time and effort may outweigh the financial gains. If you’re considering a home renovation that includes new flooring, check out Place N’ Go from SelecTech. Our unique interlocking flooring design will save you time; allowing you to move onto a new project faster.

Problem Subfloors

If you’re shopping for new flooring, you might be discovering that the cracks and uneven surfaces may be more problematic than you planned. In most cases, you would have to shell out the time and money to repair these things before putting down new floors. But not with Place N’ Go! Our interlocking flooring goes right over these problems, giving you a nice, even surface. Whether you plan on turning the space into a playroom, laundry area, home gym, or just added living space; you can skip the tedious step of repairing something you won’t even see.

Quick Installation

People often overlook the time-related costs of a DIY home improvement project. How many soccer games did you miss? How many relaxing Saturdays did you give up? In traditional flooring methods, drying time for adhesives can eat into your budget. You’ll have to postpone other improvements, like painting or putting together furniture. But our unique interlocking design cuts this out of the equation entirely. You’ll be able to snap the tiles into place and then move onto the next phase of your project.

Heavy Duty and Easy to Clean

Choosing what material you want in the flooring can be a project within itself. Especially if the room is “multi-purpose,” you’ll want it to withstand lots of different activities. Our Place N’ Go flooring is made of durable, recycled materials. Additionally, you can choose from many different styles, like cork, shale, or bamboo, so you can achieve the aesthetic you want without having to worry about meticulous cleaning.

Next time you’re contemplating a renovation, we encourage you to consider the time it’ll take, in addition to the financial cost. We designed our interlocking floors to be easy to install and maintain, giving you more time to enjoy your new space. For more information about Place N’ Go, visit our site here.