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Residential Floor Tiles: Keep Mold Out of Your Basement

residential floor tiles

In the heat of the summer months, many people head to their basements as an alternative living area. But summer isn’t just hot, it’s also humid. And humidity means moisture buildup, which means mold growth. And in an enclosed environment like your basement, you really don’t want to deal with mold. The good news is that you can do a lot to prevent mold growth in your basement by installing residential floor tiles.


Here’s how residential floor tiles help to keep mold from growing in your basement.



Flooring materials that we use in basements are waterproof, so moisture from the air—or anywhere else—doesn’t seep into your floors. Being underground, it’s hard for your basement to dry out and shake off the damp, even with a good dehumidifier. Covering your basement subfloor with waterproof materials helps keep the area dry.


Easy to Clean

If mold does start to grow in your basement, having a floor that’s easy to clean makes getting rid of it much easier. Having a floor that’s easy to clean also helps to prevent mold in the first place. It’s likely that something is going to spill or leak in your basement, or you will track water in from the outside. When that happens, you’ll want floors that are easy to clean so you can clear up any messes before water can soak in.


Air Circulation

Adding flooring tiles also allows air to circulate between the subfloor and the tiles. When air can flow freely, the floor can dry out and reduce the risk of mold growth. This will depend, however, on what type of flooring you install. Some flooring materials use adhesives to stay in place. For the benefit of air circulation, modular floor tiles that click together are the best option.


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Residential Floor Tiles by Place N’ Go

Preventing mold growth is all about preventing the conditions that encourage mold growth. One of the best ways to do just that is to install residential floor tiles. For high-quality flooring at affordable prices, you can’t beat Place N’ Go by SelecTech. Our flooring is easy to install and instantly transforms any room.


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