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Residential Flooring Solutions: Basement Flooding

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Basement flooding is a problem that many homeowners experience. It is a more common problem in the spring when the ground hasn’t quite thawed yet, but a basement can flood at any time of the year. Whether a basement is finished, unfinished, or partially finished, it requires flooring that can withstand water damage. Place N’ Go by SelecTech offers three residential flooring solutions that are ideal for basements, especially those that are prone to flooding.


Here are the features that make Place N’ Go residential flooring solutions so great for basement floors.


Mold Resistant and Waterproof

Water damage and mold are the two most common issues homeowners deal with in their basements. Because they are dark and underground, basements are difficult to completely dry out after water finds its way in. That creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. With mold-resistant flooring like Place N’ Go™ Tile or waterproof flooring like Click N’ Go™ Plank, combating the problems of mold and water damage becomes much easier.


Easy to Remove and Install

Installing floors often comes with disruption to your home and routine. But with Place N’ Go residential flooring solutions, you can install a new basement floor quickly and easily. The ease of installation also means that the flooring is easily removed. When water gets into your basement, having the ability to remove the modules, dry them out, and replace them helps prevent water damage and mold growth.


Durable and Versatile

We store all kinds of things in our basements. Some of those things, like furniture and exercise equipment, are very heavy. To prevent damage, you need a residential flooring solution that is durable and can withstand the weight of whatever you need to keep in your basement. In many homes, the basement is the primary entry point and therefore sees a lot of traffic, making durability a high priority for homeowners.


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Find Residential Flooring Solutions from Place N’ Go

Whether your home has a problem with basement flooding or you need to dispel the chill of your subfloor, you can find the best residential flooring solutions from Place N’ Go. Our flexible interlocking systems are durable, attractive, and easy to install. And our SelecTile™ is now available in six colors, giving you even more options.


Contact Place N’ Go at 508-538-3200 to learn more about our products and flooring solutions.