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Spring Renovations Begin with Bathroom Flooring

residential bathroom flooring

Spring is closing in, and that means home renovation time for homeowners. With the windows open and the fresh, clean air coming in, people have the urge to clean things up. Hence, bathrooms being one of the biggest DIY projects that homeowners tackle. From residential bathroom flooring to new paint, hardware upgrades to shower redesigns, a new bathroom is one of the best ways to bring new life into your home.

However, bathroom remodels can also be an expensive undergoing if not properly planned. Whether you’re hiring a contractor or rolling up your sleeves, your bathroom flooring doesn’t have to be a dent in your budget. At Place N’ Go, we have the budget-friendly flooring solution that will exceed your expectations.


Looks matter with flooring

Keeping up with recent trends is one of the best ways to ensure your bathroom remodel adds value to your home. For example, this year we’re seeing an influx of interest in wood planks. From natural oaks to trendy grays hues, wooden floors are a perfect way to bring style into your outdated bathroom.


Functionality does too

Although many homeowners may be tempted to install any type of flooring that catches their eye. Bathroom flooring requires more than what many brands offer. Let’s think about this – high moisture leads to potential mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew lead to a bucket list of health concerns.

When choosing bathroom flooring, it’s imperative to research what the floor does for you. For instance, consider the waterproofing abilities, stain resistance, and even the ease of installation or replacement if needed.


residential flooring

And, of course, there’s the installation

Remodeling a bathroom can lead to several unexpected surprises, especially if you’re in an older home. However, with Place N’ Go flooring, gone are the days of worrying over subfloor problems. Our innovative interlocking luxury vinyl plank flooring or tile is easily installed of problematic subfloors.



With several products available on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best residential bathroom flooring. That said, you can spend hours comparing or researching – or, you can contact SelecTech to find out more about the market’s most innovative and reliable flooring solutions!