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Stylish Home Flooring: 2022 Trends are Coming in Strong

stylish home flooring

When it comes to upgrading your home, every detail matters. This is especially true if listing your home on the market is in the near future. From kitchen appliances to selecting the most durable, stylish home flooring on the market, the choices are vast and quickly become overwhelming. At SelecTech, we take pride in being innovators of some of the best flooring. From laboratories to homes, we have your needs covered.

In this article, we’re delving into a few of the top trends of 2022 in home flooring and how our brand is stepping up to the plate.



White Oak Flooring

Considered one of the most durable woods for flooring, white oak tops the charts for stylish home flooring in 2022! The clean look weathered with darker hues provides a modern atmosphere that blends seamlessly with nearly any aesthetic.

Wide Wooden Planks

Another trend in wood flooring lies within the width of the plank. This year more and more homeowners are opting for a wider plank. There are a few benefits here:

Small spaces appear larger.
Wider planks means fewer planks to install.
Wood floors increase your home’s value.

Matte Finishes vs Oil Finishes

Well I’m  hile shiny wood floors were once the desired look, 2022 is seeing the opposite take hold. Not only does a matte finish provide one of the most natural looks for flooring, but also a nice underfoot feel. That said, we don’t want to mislead you by thinking oiled floors are a thing of the past. While matte is taking precedence over oiled, an oiled floor offers one of the most naturally looking ‘worn’ floors over time and is still highly sought after. In fact, we don’t think this trend will ever go away.

So long story short, in with the new, and in with old!


interlocking flooring


Stylish Home Flooring with Place ‘N Go

If you’re looking for home flooring for the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or even the basement, SelecTech has the perfect solution. With a variety of options, homeowners have an affordable option that is one of the most durable and versatile on the market. Waterproof, comfort under foot, easy replacement, and so much more. Why consider anything else?

residential flooring

To order your sample or find out more about Place ‘N Go stylish home flooring, please contact SelecTech today by calling 508-583-3200.