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Do You Have Stylish Home Flooring? An Easy Way to Increase Your Home’s Value

stylish home flooring

With spring fast approaching, the real estate market is getting ready for its prime season. Beginning in May, the housing market hits its height with a plethora of new homes available for sale. If you’re one of the hundreds considering listing your home, you’ll want to have the edge on your competition. By upgrading old worn-out floors to stylish home flooring solutions, you can achieve just that.

This inexpensive, easy upgrade is a sure way to impress potential homebuyers right away. At Place N’ Go by SelecTech, we have the innovative, stylish flooring solutions your home needs.



There are two items that they say sell a home, kitchens, and bathrooms. Although kitchens may require more costly investments to upgrade, flooring shouldn’t be overlooked. Imagine this; walking into a kitchen that recently updated countertops and appliances, freshly painted walls and stylish lighting features; however, the once white tiled floor is now shades of yellow and brown. Not to mention that black grout. Gross.

Now imagine that same kitchen with a bamboo or stone-look tile flooring. A lot different impression, right? Place N’ Go is not only an attractive solution for your kitchen flooring, but it’s durable. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions of everyday traffic, you can have confidence your investment will maintain it’s integrity for years to come.



As we mentioned, bathrooms make a huge impression on buyers as well. Who wants to buy a home with fixtures from the ‘40s and carpeted bathroom floors? Again, gross. Beyond the style and durability, Place N’ Go also provides homeowners with an eco-friendly solution perfect for high-humidity areas. Moisture resistant qualities are imperative for the integrity of any bathroom.


residential bathroom flooring


The more usable square-footage your home provides, the higher the market value. One of the best ways to accomplish added space fairly quickly is through finishing your basement. However, most basement floors are constructed from concrete. Cold, cracked, potentially stained concrete. Lucky for you, Place N’ Go is here to save the day. Our interlocking flooring system has a built-in underlayment which provides flexibility over any subsurface. Not to mention, underfoot comfort and insulation from the cold concrete!


The benefits

Beyond the wow factor of stylish home flooring, there are other benefits as well. For example, with Place N’ Go, your home flooring is enhanced with moisture barriers that protect the subfloor. This is especially important when considering kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. These areas are common for spills, water leaks, and high humidity. Thus, mold and mildew enter the scene, causing concerns about air quality and the health of your family. However, knowing that the home is protected provides peace of mind, and buyers love having that security.


Whether you’re considering tile or wood, Place N’ Go has the stylish home flooring solution you need before listing your home this spring. Give our team a call today to find out more about our innovative product line (508) 583-3200.