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Top 2 Choices for Basement Flooring

basement flooring

With the real estate market still on the rise, residential property owners continue to search for ways to quickly increase their home’s value. With several available options, upgrading an unfinished basement takes the lead. Not only does this solution provide more usable square footage to increase the property value, but it can also be quick and affordable. Yes, you read that correctly. Basement finishing that is affordable. At SelecTech, we are making it happen with some of the top basement flooring options on the market.


Yes, we said tile basement flooring. Here’s why.

Basement floor tiles may seem like an odd option at first. However, when you combine this timeless flooring option with the innovative technology crafted by the engineers at SelecTech, you truly have the ideal basement flooring. Why? Let us start with mold-resistant manufacturing that seamlessly fits onto problematic subfloors. If you are familiar with basements, you know that both of these benefits far outweigh the alternative options on the market.


So now you have flooring that installs quickly (regardless of the subfloor condition) and protects against one of the most common problems in basements – mold. Too good to be true? It gets better.


You may still be wondering why someone would choose tile for a basement. Often known as being a colder space in the house, basements may also be the entryway from the outdoors. If so, you could also be facing slippery floors when dealing with varying New England weather. Or, even worse, the predicament of replacing tile should water damage occur. So why are we still talking about tile for your basement flooring?

basement flooring


Let us summarize Place N’ Go’s Tile for you:


  • Easy Interlocking Installation System
  • Irregular Subfloor? No problem. 
  • Mold-Resistant
  • Underfoot Comfort for Step and Warmth
  • Easy Replacement. Simply lift the damaged tile and replace it with a new one – no need to disrupt the entire flooring system.


basement flooring


Wood Plank Flooring

Now that we have your wheels turning about tile basement flooring let’s pivot. Instead of a classic look, perhaps you are looking for stylish home flooring or something a bit more trendy. Although wood plank flooring has been around for some time, when you add the above benefits and today’s hottest colors, you can be sure your once unsightly cellar will be turning heads in no time.


And, unlike traditional hardwood flooring, SelecTech’s Click N’ Go Plank Flooring is ideal for high traffic areas. 


Whether you are planning to list your home on the market or are simply looking for ways to upgrade your living space, starting with the basement is always a plus. While basement refinishing can quickly become an expensive undertaking, with a bit of research and a phone call to SelecTech, you will have the industry’s most affordable basement flooring at the tip of your fingers. 


residential flooring

Contact our team today to learn more about different styles, colors, and designs and order your flooring samples. We look forward to helping you make your residential flooring dreams come!