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Top Two Ways to Ruin Kids Playroom Flooring

kids playroom flooring

If your home is host to little ones, you’re probably already well aware of the damages that come with them. Children spend their days learning and playing while being carefree and enjoying each moment to its fullest. Although this is precisely how you want it, this carefree lifestyle can cause havoc to kids playroom flooring. However, with the proper flooring in place, you can have peace of mind that your floor will remain intact.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the two most common occurrences known to ruin playroom flooring with ease. We’ll further examine how Place N’ Go tile flooring can help to eliminate these worries. Now you may be wondering why in the world you’d install tile flooring in a playroom. Place N’ Go flooring is an interlocking flooring system that’s adhesive-free while providing built-in underlayment for comfort and warmth – anything but your hard traditional tile flooring.



But let’s get back to how your playroom floor gets ruined. One of the most common occurrences is spills. From juice cup lids popping off to bumped into cups of coffee, spills happen. Although many of us go running for the nearest roll of towels to absorb any liquids before they soak into the floor, this isn’t always possible. Especially if the spill isn’t noticed. Thus, any liquids that are left for some time will soak into the floor, creating an environment for mold and mildew growth.

However, with our tile flooring in your kid’s playroom, you can relax knowing that your floor is working for you. Made from resilient recycled plastic, our interlocking flooring is moisture resistant. Although you’ll want to pick up spills as soon as possible, the race for the towel days can be put behind you.



Another inevitable happening in the playroom is scratches to your floor. Whether carpet or wood, kids will find a way to scratch, tear, stain, or rip up your floor. Frustrating, but as the saying goes, it comes with the territory! Besides, SelecTech is here to help!

Not only does our flooring solution protect from spills, but the easy installation over your existing floor protects your natural hardwood or marble flooring. Furthermore, if a section of your Place N’ Go flooring is to obtain some type of damage, removal and replacement of the damaged section is a breeze.


durable home flooring


Place N’ Go flooring comes in an array of decorative styles that are attractive and durable. Why waste money on those pastel foam kids floors when you can have a solution that will not only protect but it will also look amazing. From stone to wood and even bamboo flooring, we have the kids playroom flooring that you’ve been dreaming about.

Contact our team today and turn your unprotected, drab playroom into an environment that will have your friends and family left in awe.