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Garage Flooring

Whether a garage simply stores cars or also doubles as a workshop within a home, a durable floor that can withstand the traffic of cars, lawn mowers, large machinery, and other similar items is essential in any renovated garage. A surface that is easily damaged can be dangerous to those who use the space.

It is important to note how many pounds per square inch the floor can handle, as well as the rolling weight. Additionally, the floor should be resistant to chemicals or other forms of abrasion that are commonly found in garages and could impact their integrity.

Place N’ Go™ has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for your home.

Products frequently used in this environment include:

SelecTile™ SelecTile™ industrial-grade flooring solution is built to take a beating. This durable interlocking surface is needed to withstand force from heavy objects like cars, lawn mowers, tools, and other items similar. Built specifically for this kind of use, these tiles can be easily replaced or removed.