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Home Gym Flooring

Investing in a proper home gym can boost a person’s health and wellbeing, and it all starts with choosing the right floors for the job. Homeowners need a material that not only performs exceptionally, but looks great at the same time. A functional, aesthetically pleasing floor can create a high-quality athletic environment.

Flooring should be comfortable and safe for users with slip-resistant qualities to ensure protection for anyone who runs, jumps, or changes direction abruptly. It should also provide comfort to whomever uses it and reduce the chance of impact related injury that can occur on harder surfaces.

Place N’ Go™ has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for your home.

Products frequently used in this environment include:

Place N’ Go™ Tile These interlocking, mold-resistant, waterproof tiles are perfect for home gyms. With great underfoot feel created by the built-in underlayment, Place N’ Go™ is extremely comfortable. Being made from vinyl, which is often used in these settings, is also stain resistant, durable, comes in a variety of patterns, and can be easily replaced or removed.
Click N’ Go™ Plank This luxury vinyl plank flooring is meant to have the same appealing look as hardwood with less maintenance. It’s “click” system makes for an easy install, is waterproof, and proves to be extremely durable for high traffic areas.
SelecTile™ SelecTile™ industrial-grade flooring solution is built to take a beating. This durable interlocking surface is needed to withstand force from heavy objects like workout machines, body impact, and other items similar. Built specifically for this kind of use, these tiles can be easily replaced or removed.