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Laundry Room Flooring

When it comes to the variety of dirt, liquids, and other unmentionables that are brought into a laundry room, many quickly realize that any carpet or expensive wood is not ideal flooring for this space. As well as what is brought into our laundry rooms, the floor underneath washers and dryers must be built to stand up to moisture, both from standing water and the potential spills that can and do occur.

Laundry rooms are often multi-purpose spaces, and have been found in mudrooms, bathrooms, and basements. This means homeowners must not only pick a flooring that is waterproof, durable, easy to maintain, and comfortable, but also looks great. By choosing a flooring that complements the home, homeowners create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Place N’ Go™ has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for your home.

Products frequently used in this environment include:

Place N’ Go™ Tile These interlocking, waterproof, mold-resistant tiles are perfect for living spaces. With great underfoot feel, Place N’ Go™ is extremely comfortable. As well as being stain resistant and durable, this flooring can be easily removed, dried, and re-installed in the event of flooding.
Click N’ Go™ Plank This luxury vinyl plank flooring is meant to have the same appealing look as hardwood with less maintenance. It’s “click” system makes for an easy install, is waterproof, and proves to be extremely durable for high traffic areas.