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Living Room Flooring

When renovating different areas of a home, especially living spaces that are going to be utilized by homeowners and their guests, aesthetic is the first concern. As an inherently social place, the flooring decision made will impact the atmosphere for this room. Included in the ambiance is the way the floors feel under foot, so flooring must also be comfortable and warm to present a great first impression.

Moreover, stylish home flooring should also be durable to withstand the usual traffic encountered in any common area. Durability and simple maintenance are ideal and sought after for most busy homeowners.

Place N’ Go™ has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for your home.

Products frequently used in this environment include:

Place N’ Go™ Tile These interlocking, mold-resistant tiles are perfect for living spaces. With great underfoot feel, warmth, and acoustic properties created by the built-in underlayment, Place N’ Go™ is extremely comfortable. It is also stain resistant, durable, comes in a variety of patterns, and lends itself for a quick and easy installation.
Click N’ Go™ Planks This luxury vinyl plank flooring is meant to have the same appealing look as hardwood with less maintenance. It’s “click” system makes for an easy install, is waterproof, and proves to be extremely durable for high traffic areas.