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Playroom Flooring

Playrooms and play areas for children are meant to have four important characteristics: durability, low maintenance, comfort, and great aesthetic. These rooms see so much traffic and use that to avoid constant repairs or replacements homeowners will need a flooring that can withstand the usual wear and tear of young children, unlike many of the flimsy, foam puzzle tiles found in stores. 

Additionally, this room will need a flooring that is comfortable for sitting, standing, and playing. Investing in a flooring with a great underfoot feel is ideal for children who will be using this room for various activities. Lastly, a playroom that can easily match the home’s current design gives a more cohesive and attractive look.  

Place N’ Go™ has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for your home.

Products frequently used in this environment include:

Place N’ Go™ Tile These interlocking, mold-resistant tiles are perfect for living spaces. With great underfoot feel, warmth, and acoustic properties created by the built-in underlayment, Place N’ Go™ is extremely comfortable. It is also stain resistant, durable, comes in a variety of patterns, and can be easily removed and replaced.
Click N’ Go™ Planks This luxury vinyl plank flooring is meant to have the same appealing look as hardwood with less maintenance. It’s “click” system makes for an easy install, is waterproof, and proves to be extremely durable for high traffic areas.