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We Have the Home Office Flooring You Need

home office flooring

While the country begins the return to work, there are thousands still working remotely. Tossed into a situation with little to no notice, make-shift workspaces have proven less than ideal for many. While many of us are missing our ergonomic office furniture, there are measures to be had at home. For instance, your home office flooring impacts many aspects of your body – whether you’re sitting or standing.

At SelecTech, we’ve created an innovative residential flooring solution that answers all of your remote working grievances. Let us introduce Place N’ Go and why you wish you found us sooner!


Quick, easy installation – even with problematic subflooring

With the stresses of everyday life, the last thing on your mind is adding more to the mix. So, house projects and necessities may be pushed to the side for the time being. However, when it comes to home office flooring, we have the solution that leaves zero room for excuses.

No matter what the condition of the existing floor is, or the size of the room, Place N’ Go provides quick and easy installation. Our interlocking luxury flooring installs over problematic (or ideal) subflooring without the use of adhesives. Thus, you have a solution that installs quickly and requires no lengthy drying times.


Even easier replacement, should it be needed

Accidents happen – especially at home. If, for any reason, a tile or board needs replacement, fret not! Replacing Place N’ Go flooring involves one took, a suction cup. For under $20, you can lift and replace a single tile or board without disrupting the remaining floor – all in under 5 minutes. We agree; it’s pretty awesome.


Styles for days

Choosing flooring for your home can be overwhelming. With hundreds of available options, styles, and textures narrowing the selection to a seamless fit it tough. However, once you realize that Place N’ Go is the answer, all that is left is choosing the design.

From superior wood-like planks to luxury tile, we offer various colors and textures sure to meet the aesthetics of your home.


Comfort combined with peace of mind – what’s better than that?

Let’s get back to ergonomics for a moment. Companies invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on agronomical elements for their employees. However, chances are, your home isn’t quite up to par. By installing Place N’ Go, you’ll not only have a stylish new look and feel, but you’ll also have comfort.

Our flooring is designed with an underlayer to protect you from the aches and pains of long, stationary hours. Combined with comfort is peace of mind knowing that your is water-resistant, durable, requires little maintenance, and is easy on the wallet.


stylish home flooring


Home office flooring plays a significant role in not only ergonomics but also productivity. If you’re working remotely and considering new ways to up the game, it’s time to look at everything Place N’ Go offers.

For more information, contact our team at 508-583-3200.