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Garages to Home Office Flooring: We Have Your 2020 Needs Covered

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Living through a year like no other, many of us have transitioned to a remote environment. For many, this transition meant rethinking the current way of living. While for some, this may have been a welcome opportunity to check off a few items on the to-do list, for others not so much. Home office flooring became a consideration in an environment where many never thought possible – your home.

Depending on the work you are required to manage, flooring can make the ultimate difference in protecting your home. In this article, we’re looking at a few at-home jobs that would benefit from SelecTile.



Workshops is a broad term, we agree. However, the kind of workshop you are operating from your home really doesn’t matter when it comes to flooring. With workshops come large, heavy equipment and, generally, a fairly decent amount of foot traffic. Beyond those two elements, you also have the potential of falling tools, spilled paint or other mediums, and several other accidental features.

One of the best features that SelecTile provides to workshops is its durability. Built as an industrial-grade solution, meant to take a beating, this durable interlocking surface can withstand nearly anything. But if for some reason a tile needs replacement, there’s no need to worry – we have you covered there as well.


Automotive shops

Similar to the workshop on a higher capacity is an automotive shop. Often, mechanics create their business from the comfort of their detached garage. While many chose to leave the concrete flooring exposed, this opens the door for a myriad of issues.

Installing SelecTile for garage flooring helps to protect your shop. Resistant to chemical seepage, easy to install with little to no downtime, even easier to replace if needed, this durable solution will keep your shop looking great. Besides, your customers will appreciate a clean shop over a greasy old mess!


Fitness Instruction

Another industry that has dramatically changed is the fitness world. With gyms ordered to close their doors, many classes moved into a virtual world. Beyond equipment, instructors now faced an environment that provided little underfoot protection. As one can imagine, without the proper flooring, fatigue and injury become significant concerns.


At SelecTech, we have the home office flooring your industry requires. Whether fitness or automotive, our extensive line of products are engineered to protect you, your home, and your productivity.

For more information on how SelecTech can help transform your remote workspace, contact our team today at (508) 583-3200


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