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Stay Warm This Winter with Basement Flooring

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It’s nice to have an extra space in your basement to hang out or work out, but it can be pretty chilly down there in the winter. If there’s nothing between your feet and the subfloor, it’s hard to stay warm, no matter how much you turn up the heat. By putting down additional basement flooring, you can make your basement much more comfortable and easier to keep warm.


Unclear about how something as simple as upgrading your basement flooring can make the space warmer? Read on!


Insulation and Thermal Mass

The concrete of your basement floor has no insulation, which is one of the main reasons why it’s so cold. Adding another material on top of the concrete insulates your floor, just like putting a throw rug hardwood. Even if you use something like vinyl or LVT flooring, it still creates a barrier between the cold concrete and your feet.

Every material has a characteristic called thermal mass. Thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to absorb, store, and release heat. Materials with higher thermal mass help to regulate the temperature of a room. This helps to keep the room warmer, meaning you can spend less money on heating your basement.


Interlocking Flooring: No Gaps

Gaps and cracks in your flooring allow heat to escape and cold air to enter. With our Click N’ Go interlocking flooring, you can easily eliminate gaps in your floor. Our floor tiles are manufactured so precisely that they snap together almost seamlessly. You won’t feel any cold air seeping through the floor when you install our interlocking tiles!


Dry Floors are Warm Floors

One of the most effective ways to keep your basement warm is to keep it dry. Being underground, all basements have a moisture problem to one degree or another. Installing another flooring material over your subfloor helps to prevent moisture in the air from seeping into the floor.


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Better Basement Flooring | Place N’ Go by SelecTech

Upgrading your basement flooring will be the easiest project you tackle all year when you use Place N’ Go products from SelecTech. All of our flooring solutions are affordable and easy to install. What’s more, they look great. Check out our products today and upgrade your basement!


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