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Kitchen Renovations? We Got You.

kitchen flooring

Even though we’ve been spoiled with a few Spring weather days in New England, winter is still upon us. With the winter blues in full effect, several homeowners are looking at the interior honey-do list. From updating bathrooms to painting walls, these changes can help defeat the blues and give your home a fresh look it has been begging for. If kitchens have made this year’s list, SelecTech has the perfect solution for your kitchen flooring needs. 

Here are a few reasons to consider Place N’ Go when tackling a kitchen renovation:



Kitchens are one of the most visited rooms in the home. In fact, it’s been said that kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home. With that pressure on you, choosing the right elements can be overwhelming. However, with the wide variety that Place N’ Go offers, we keep life simple. Whether you’re hoping to incorporate tile or wood, we have the solution that will integrate into any aesthetic with ease.



As with any high-traffic area, your kitchen flooring needs to provide durability. From foot traffic to dropped items, traditional flooring can easily crack or scuff. However, with Place N’ Go residential kitchen flooring, you’ll have a stain and scuff-resistant solution that is also comfortable underfoot.

Beyond the highly superior aesthetic durability of our flooring, performance exceeds expectations as well. Place N’ Go is made with resilient recycled plastic that resists moisture. This feature will help keep mold growth at bay in one of the messiest rooms of your home. In the event of flooding, the interlocking system allows for easy replacement. Flooring can be easily removed and reinstalled in the affected area. No need for total floor replacement!


If you’ve been searching for a luxury plank or tile flooring that provides a waterproof, durable, stain, and mold-resistance feature, you have come to the right place. Not only will Place N’ Go give you the previously mentioned benefits, but it’s also easy to install and even easier to repair. Our innovative, environmentally- friendly solution is perfect for any home.


Ready to Upgrade Your Kitchen Flooring?

For more information on why Place N’ Go is the product you need for your residential kitchen flooring upgrade, contact our team at (508) 583-3200. Our experts can assist you in choosing the product that is right for your home, desires, and budget.

If you’re still unsure, we’ll be happy to send out samples.