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interlocking flooring solutions

Man Cave Not Quite Up to Par? Interlocking Flooring Can Help!

For those of you excited to invite the guys over for the game, but not entirely proud of your Man Cave, this article is for you. Here at Place ‘N Go, we have the interlocking flooring solutions your space has been looking for. Hold your heads high and know there’s the perfect, easy installation solution, […]

basement flooring

Why Peel and Stick Tiles Don’t Work for Basement Flooring

Our team at Place N’ Go is always talking to potential customers about their basement flooring concerns. One of the first areas we inquire about is why their old flooring didn’t work for them. We’ve found that, for many, the popular residential flooring solution is peel and stick tiles. Though inexpensive, there is a reason […]

stylish home flooring

Looking for Stylish Home Flooring Solutions? Look No Further

One of the simplest ways to transform an area of your home is by giving your floors a facelift.  Although this may seem like a tedious task, with SelecTech Place N’ Go you’ll have the stylish home flooring you dreamed about in no time at all.  Our unique interlocking flooring enables quick and easy installation […]

kids playroom flooring

Why Place N’ Go Is Better Than Foam Playroom Tiles

Chances are that if you have kids in the house, you’ve designated an area of your home just for their toys.  Having a playroom serves a great purpose when trying to consolidate potential messes.  That being said, the room not only needs to be appealing but functional for the kiddos.  One of the biggest fallback […]

durable home flooring

Do’s and Dont’s of Choosing Home Flooring

At one time or another, every homeowner will undergo the process of choosing new flooring.  Although we may think that we know what is best for the space at hand, there are several elements to consider.  First, your needs.  Second, your space’s requirements.  One of the top answers in both categories is having durable home […]

residential bathroom flooring

5 Trends in Residential Bathroom Flooring

When considering which bathroom flooring is best for your home, there are many factors to consider.  However, two of the biggest bathroom and laundry room concerns revolve around moisture and liquids.  Flooring in your home is an investment so knowing your options, and your budget, is key to making the right choice.  This article will […]

basement flooring

Choosing the Right Basement Flooring

Spring has arrived, and New Englanders feel the sense of revival.  Many of the projects that have been put aside during the cold months are now at the top of the to-do list.  Springtime is the perfect time for many homeowners to begin their renovations.  Basement finishing is a popular task, but it can a […]

game room flooring

Basement to Game Room: Choosing the Right Flooring

Many homeowners neglect valuable square footage in their home.  The cold, dingy basement can easily be transformed into an inviting and usable space in little time. The possibilities are endless when deciding how to utilize this new space.  A game room will create an excellent hangout for the kids as well as a gathering spot […]

Problem Subfloors? No Problem for Place N’ Go

When it comes to home renovations, you have to consider not only the price but also how long the project will take. Although do-it-yourself projects may seem more cost-effective, the time and effort may outweigh the financial gains. If you’re considering a home renovation that includes new flooring, check out Place N’ Go from SelecTech. […]

Environmentally and Cost Friendly in Home Flooring

When it comes to home renovations, there are a lot of factors that go into final decisions. Aesthetic plays a significant role, but so do price, quality, and long-term efficiency. Here at SelecTech, we want to check all these boxes with our residential flooring. We use high quality, recyclable materials, and easy installation to save […]