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Why Interlocking Flooring Is Better Than Foam Playroom Tiles

Chances are that if you have kids, you have a designated area of your home just for their toys. Having a playroom serves a great purpose when trying to consolidate potential messes. That being said, the room not only needs to be appealing but functional for the kiddos. However, one of the most significant fallback […]

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Stylish Home Flooring: 2022 Trends are Coming in Strong

Upgrading your home flooring? Look no further.

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Residential Interlocking Flooring Replacement Made Easy

Accidents happen and we have your floor covered. Literally. And, with what better than an easy replacement solution!

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3 Ways To Clean Your Kids Playroom Flooring Today

Now, more than ever, your kids playroom flooring is taking a beating, which is great! From stinky feet to sticky hands, the room that was designed for playing is finally serving its purpose tenfold.

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Top Two Ways to Ruin Kids Playroom Flooring

If your home is host to little ones, you’re probably already well aware of the damages that come with them. Children spend their days learning and playing while being carefree and enjoying each moment to its fullest. Although this is precisely how you want it, this carefree lifestyle can cause havoc to kids playroom flooring. […]

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Do’s and Dont’s of Choosing Home Flooring

At one time or another, every homeowner will undergo the process of choosing new flooring.  Although we may think that we know what is best for the space at hand, there are several elements to consider.  First, your needs.  Second, your space’s requirements.  One of the top answers in both categories is having durable home […]

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Importance of Playroom Flooring

Having a room dedicated to your children’s play space is essential, and can benefit both your children and your wellbeing. For instance, confining all their toys to that one room can help keep the rest of the house clean – and you can just shut the door if you don’t want to look at the […]

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